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I have only played one game of golf in my life. That was in 1994 when some friends from Texas came to visit me here in San Diego. I took them to San Diego’s best course, Torrey Pines, which is where Tiger Woods won his last major championship, the 2008 U.S. Open. Greens fees at the time were $35.

I shot a 154 while my friends all shot in high 90s. As I pointed out to them, though, since par was 72, I got two rounds of golf for $35. They only got one. They didn’t think that was funny. Oh, well….

On my 476-mile journey through Southern California on August 12, one of my goals was to go to La Quinta to see Kathy Schowe. Kathy played golf for Texas Tech University. She’s a Realtor in La Quinta (Schowe Properties), which is arguably California’s most golf-centric community. Her realty office is located behind a high wall and a gated entry with security by a real person.

The high wall surrounds a beautiful golf course, La Quinta Resort & Club. Looks like this:

Golf in the high desert of La Quinta, California

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Golf in the high desert of La Quinta, California

Although I never played golf, I did hang out on golf courses in Texas with my golfing friends because they would let me caddy (great friends always let others do the work….).

Golf courses in Texas often have a diverse collection of flora, so much so that some of them could be considered arboretums or botanical gardens. The course on the campus of Texas A&M University comes immediately to mind. It was across from the Forestry Building where I had most of my classes, and we often would go to the golf course in our tree identification classes.

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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4 thoughts on “La Quinta Resort & Club

  1. simon682

    I have never found a golf course remotely attractive before. My golf experience is about the same as yours and my love of the game is low. I think those pictures are superb though. I can’t imagine how you do it but I suppose your tagline : taking pictures, making art sums it up pretty well. Thank you.


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      The issue I have with golf courses, especially public ones, is that they are not accessible to the general public. We have some absolutely beautiful ones here in San Diego because of the climate. Anything will grow here if we provide for its water needs.



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