Plastic bags banned (mostly) in California effective 7-1-15

Did you know?

California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation today that makes California the first state in the nation to ban plastic grocery bags. Interestingly, the news about the legislation says that it will prohibit “large stores” from using the sacks beginning in July 2015. I could find no definition of “large stores,” but the news article states, “The law applies to stores that sell groceries and pharmacies— think Safeway, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid— but not stores that don’t sell those items, like Macy’s.” Hmmm. I think Macy’s qualifies as a “large store.” I’m confused, but government often confuses me, so no big deal there.

Over 120 local California cities and counties currently ban plastic bags. I know the bags are dangerous to our wildlife, but so are the plastic rings that occupy the top of your six packs of canned beer and sodas…. and string…. and rubber bands…. and fishing line…. I don’t see anyone rushing to ban those. Oh, what a tangled web we weave….

Last night, Zoey the Cool Cat had an incident that frightened her, as well as Jim and me. I found a sack stuffed in a cupboard so I put it on the bed for Zoey the Cool Cat to enjoy:

Zoey the Cool Cat

Does she not look happy and satisfied, probably having pleasant dreams of finally catching the mourning doves outside our office window.

I mention the plastic bags because wildlife often get tangled up in them and die. Last night, Zoey the Cool Cat got tangled up in that sack. See the two handles? She got her head through one and couldn’t get out. She took off through the house, trying to get rid of the thing around her neck, frightened and howling. She finally got stuck in a corner where I was able to reach her and get the sack off her neck. It took about 30 minutes of me holding her and talking to her before she calmed down, though. Poor kitty….

I can only imagine what the wildlife outside goes through when they get their necks, feet, and wings caught up in plastic bags, plastic ring tops, fishing line, and string.

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19 thoughts on “Plastic bags banned (mostly) in California effective 7-1-15

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I have WordAds. This is my third month. The first month (half month, actually), they paid me $16. In August they paid me $26. I think it will be about $30 this month. I’m working at increasing readership, which will increase the pay.

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  1. dianewrites

    Hi Russel! Thank you for camping out (i believe and assume) in my page. Your presence reminded me that I haven’t been updating for a quite a while. True enough my last post was September and it’s already October 1st here.

    In my country, the government is also gearing to eliminating the use of plastic bags. Unfortunately, not all cities and provinces are abiding. Only a few are implementing no-plastic in groceries, supermarkets and shopping malls. As a citizen, it’s hard for us to observe it but people from the Waste Management Division of the government felt the immediate effect. I also noticed that most citizens have their own reusable or canvass bags all the time. I just appreciate the simple discipline it brings.


  2. babso2you

    Excellent. The problem really is people. If only folks would properly dispose of items such as plastic grocery bags instead of tossing them out of their cars, then maybe there would not be the problem with wildlife…Same with six pack rings, fishing line and string.

    Catching up and camping out…hugs to you and Jim!


  3. wordsfromanneli

    I’m all for reusable bags and I agree with babso2you about proper disposal of those dreaded six pack rings. I always cut them up so nothing can choke on them, but still, do we need them at all?


  4. philosophermouseofthehedge

    I wish they’d ban them here. The lake is covered with plastic crap that has floated down from all the rain. People used to pay attention to litter and pick it up….If they won’t take care, maybe it’s time to ban styro cups, plastic bottles, bags… just doesn’t go away!


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