Sadly, she sits on dry land

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Imagine living in an area that has been a navy stronghold for a century.

Imagine living in an area that has one of the world’s largest maritime museums.

Imagine living in an area where big boats are built, big boats like cruise ships, battleships, aircraft carriers.

Imagine living in an area where the first ship visited the current west coast of the United States back in 1542.

You’re in San Diego!

Now imagine that maritime museum (Maritime Museum of San Diego) building a full-size replica of that first ship, the San Salvador. Looks like this:

San Salvador

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Now imagine a sixteenth century ship being built in the 21st century with 21st century technology that is unable to move the ship from drydock to the water.

You’re still in San Diego!

The San Salvador was supposed to be launched on April 19, 2015. Just a couple of days earlier one of the engineers determined that the ship was about 20 tons heavier than predicted.

Sadly, the San Salvador still it sits on dry land at the build site.

Activity dedicated to getting it into the water increased significantly the past two days. San Diego can build aircraft carriers but doesn’t have any cranes that can handle this weight. The closest crane is in Los Angeles, and apparently the folks up there want too much money to come help.

Sadly, the San Salvador continues to sit on dry land.

Tugboat bargeThis morning’s activity, which began at 5:00 a.m., was dedicated to getting the San Salvador onto a tugboat barge (picture ►), off to Chula Vista for leak testing, and then into the water within the next few days.

Sadly, the San Salvador continues to sit on dry land.

The deck of the tugboat barge sits higher than drydock, so there must be a low tide of a certain height in order to get the San Salvador onto the barge. Today at 7:00 a.m. was one of those low tides, with a window up to about 10:00 a.m.

I arrived at 4:30 this morning. At 10:19 a.m. with two words, “Not today,” they informed the crowd that the San Salvador wasn’t moving today. That was it.

Sadly, the San Salvador still sits in drydock….

The next appropriate low tide is two weeks away, sadly.

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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9 thoughts on “Sadly, she sits on dry land

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      The main problem is that no one really knows how to move this thing. Their original intent was to put it on a truck and move it down Harbor Blvd two miles to the Maritime Museum. It’s too heavy for a truck, and too tall for Harbor Blvd with lights and airport signage. So then they were going to get a crane and just lift it up and out into the water. Too heavy. The barge is okay, and they know the tides, but they don’t know how to safely roll this thing 50 feet to get it onto the barge. It was quite interesting this morning watching everyone scurry around like ants looking for food.

      Liked by 2 people

          1. Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain's Wife

            Ever since the Midway came to town, the MM has struggled for donations and funding and visitors. A long time ago, WE had a maritime nonprof and a boat in that same area. It’s all very political, not so much nautical. Hahaha, that’s a funny rhyme. PS Just cos I know you love grammar, you won’t mind if I point out that there’s a teensy weensy typo in your post…should read “You’re”, not “Your”…

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

              Sadly (my word of the day, again), MM turned down the opportunity to have the Midway Museum. They didn’t think it would be a tourist draw. It’s San Diego’s third best tourist attraction, behind SeaWorld and the Zoo.

              (And thanks for the typo alert. I start my posts with Dragon Naturally Speaking and then edit them manually. It’s that manual editing where typos get introduced. DNS wouldn’t dream of such typos!)

              Liked by 1 person


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