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Missouri Pacific LinesAs a toddler I had a significant interest in trains since my dad and granddad both worked for Missouri Pacific Railroad in Texas.

When my dad died in 1961, my mom moved us from Palestine, Texas, to Logan, Utah.

My interest in trains remained, though, so much so that whenever I ran away from home, which was often, I would walk the railroad tracks instead of the streets and highways.

Train tracks, State Route 94, San Diego County, CaliforniaMuch more fun…………

I used to think that maybe I would become one of The Boxcar Children.

When I came here to San Diego, walking the railroad tracks was frowned upon.

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner in Del Mar, CaliforniaIn fact, in some areas they will give you trespassing tickets if you don’t cross the tracks at designated crosswalks.

Unfortunately, though, railroad tracks often separate the beaches from the cities, so one sometimes has to walk a mile or more to get to a designated crossing.

Thus, beachgoers, especially those with children or large surfboards, often park wherever there is parking (and there’s not much!) and walk across the tracks, which is what I did recently when I came across the most interesting NO TRESPASSING sign.

Railroad No Trespassing sign

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

From what I have read, the theory behind that NO TRESPASSING sign is that people are looking down so as not to trip on rocks and train tracks, so that is the logical place to put such a sign. Makes sense to me………….

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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14 thoughts on “NO TRESPASSING

  1. TamrahJo

    My dad loved train museums – and since I simply love museums, okay – – LOL – Greatly enjoyed my trip in the historical narrative car summer of 2014 on the narrow gauge between Durango and Silverton – but alas, with the side trip to Mesa Verde and local Native American Culture Centers, was unable to sign up for the railroad station museum/tour – So hoping to get back there in 2016 to visit the museum portion of the railway station!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I have done the Durango & Silverton several times, first in the summer of 1973. Jim and I did it as part of our 52-weekend tour of the United States for our fifth anniversary in 1999. We also wanted to do Mesa Verde since it was nearby but there were wildfires raging all around Mesa Verde that year.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. TamrahJo

        🙂 I, a Colorado native, finally, FINALLY! go to Mesa Verde that same trip! Also delayed by fires sometimes, ill family members others, etc., BUT when you and Jim get there, be sure to do that AND the cultural center located about 20 miles north – if you’re interested, I will send you the exact info – but they did put in a resevoir, and they got a grant and stay of the building to bring in massive teams and excavated the area – and the cultural center has the absolutely largest collection I’ve ever seen of local, excavated pottery, jewelery, clothing, bone tools, etc. I’m getting goosebumps just telling you about it – Mom and I did the 600 years tour, cuz it was my first time at Mesa Verde, then drove north, ate some fabulous food at a local cafe and hit the cultural center – already on my list to go back to the area for 4-6 week stay, because there are so many, many wonderful things at Mesa Verde, a month and I still couldn’t soak all of it in!

        Liked by 1 person

              1. TamrahJo

                It won’t be hard to find, they have a website and are about 23 minutes north of Mesa Verde – just plug-in ‘cultural center’ resevoir – into the search engine – I took a journey to find them, but if I had searched that, would have found them right away – LOL – I loved my trip so much, I hope yours materializes sooner than later – ! 🙂



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