Where are all the morning people?

I livew in my own little world

Well, I thought the new job would be one of the more “brainless” jobs I had ever had. I was determined not to let that deter me.

Surprisingly, it’s not brainless. It’s quite interesting and challenging, and the icing on the cake is that I get to listen to my music collection during about 7½ hours of my 8-hour shift.

Since I work the late shift, 2:00-10:00 PM, I have the mornings to run errands, blog…. little things like that.

I have discovered that there is no one at the gas stations at 6:00 AM, no one at Food 4 Less or Walmart at 6:00 AM, few people on the highways and side streets at 6:00 AM…..

Basically I have almost the whole world to myself at 6:00 AM.

Where are all the morning people?

Zoey the Cool Cat Christmas ornamentWith my work schedule pretty much set at this point, I can now get my personal life back on track because it’s been pretty messy. That means that I can return to daily blogging. Yahooooooo! Pictures, pictures, pictures. And I’m making note of interesting places I see during my work travels so that I can return to them and taking pictures. Yahooooooo! More pictures, more pictures, more pictures.

As I was cataloging some pictures this morning I found lots of pictures that I knew I had but which I couldn’t find because they were in the wrong folder and had not been renamed from their generic camera-provided names. Like this one:

Ice in the snow (!)

Last week it snowed in Julian, in the mountains about 40 miles east of me. I didn’t get to go so I was looking for old pictures of Julian in the snow. Couldn’t find them even though I knew I had them. That’s one of them.

Also, after seeing what’s possible with the new camera drones, I have put a camera drone #2 on my wish list. Number 1 was a new DSLR. I was specifically looking for a DSLR that took excellent videos. Did you catch the past tense “was” in those previous two sentences? That means that I bought it, and I just got notice that it has been shipped.

I bought the Canon EOS Rebel T6s, released to the market this past summer. I’m buying the body only since I already have lenses that I’m quite happy with. Looks like this:

canon t6s/760d

Since everyone in the U.S. has it on back order, I am importing it from London. As an import, mine will be like that in the picture, labeled EOS 760D. Same thing. For some reason Canon renames their cameras as Rebel just for the United States market.

I could only find a few DSLR cameras with better video, but they also cost a thousand dollars more than I was willing to spend. I’m saving that thousand dollars for the camera drone….

laptop-computerNumber 3 on my current wish list is a new laptop computer so that I can visit blogs from the car when I’m at work, but waiting for other people to do their jobs so that I can do my job, something that comes with the territory of the new job. I’m specifically looking for a fast laptop, which means 12 GB of memory and an Intel i7-rated computer.

All of this is because not only do I get paid to drive in rush-hour traffic while listening to my music collection (first time I have ever enjoyed rush-hour traffic!), but during an 8-hour shift, I actually only “work” about six hours due to time waiting on other people. That two hours, though, is split into various time increments as short as a few minutes and as the-hollow-hillslong as 90 minutes, and currently is spent sitting in the car listening to music and reading (currently “The Hollow Hills” by Mary Stewart, 1973). I can easily see me alternating so that each time I have to wait, I either read or visit blogs. I could also be cataloging pictures….

So probably sooner than later, possibly even by the end of the year, look for my visits to YOUR blogs to increase to the point where they were just a year ago.

I miss visiting everyone like I used to, but we’ll get there again.

Meanwhile, Happy Thursday, Happy Weekend, Happy December, and Happy Make A Gift Day (more info here: http://updates.daysoftheyear.com/NLI/LE35.ashx?a=E7FDDF7E6AE4FA5485989908DB918342&b=8EB07832405FA92A68EF7BCB85AC2A9A).Zoey the Cool Cat and Christmas tree

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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10 thoughts on “Where are all the morning people?

  1. insearchofitall

    Congrats on the new camera, drone, job and lifestyle. We all need a change sometime. You found a way to get more TIME! Yahoo on that too. The ice photo is funny. I’ve been to Julian many, many years ago. Cute town and lots of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pit

    Hi Russel,
    Now you can have all your gas stations for yourself at that time in the morning. No interference from me! 😉
    Congartulations on your new camera and laptop: enjoy!
    Have a wonderful week,


  3. tchistorygal

    I’m sure I’ll find out if I read enough posts, but what is your new job. You are no longer an appraiser? I’ve missed people too this past year. I’m enjoying a few hours today to get caught up with my favs. I’m not feeling so frantic about blogging either. My stats are no longer important to me, but reaching out to the many friends I’ve made is. I finally feel released and retired to do the things I love. Congrats on your new camera. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I was a home inspector rather than an appraiser. Appraisers make more money and don’t have to do any physical work like crawling under houses, in attics, and up on rooftops like Santa Claus.

      I got a job with Amazon, more specifically Amazon Prime, more specifically Amazon Prime Now, more specifically Scoobeez. Scoobeez is a subcontractor tasked with ensuring that purchases by Amazon Prime Now customers get to them at the designated time. Amazon Prime Now customers can choose free 2-hour delivery or 1-hour delivery for $7.99. It’s the new way for the rich to shop because they don’t have to leave their McMansions, fight the common people in traffic on the highways, or accidentally brush up against a common person in a store…………

      Liked by 1 person

      1. tchistorygal

        I actually have Amazon prime, which makes it handy because we live I our 1500 sq foot house in the country. I hadn’t heard of the 1 hour service. Ours is usually days, but it’s all good. I’m glad you don’t have to crawl down chimneys, now RR. Lots of love to you and Jim for the best holiday ever. 😀😀😀



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