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Do not throw things away! There is no away!

My wise old grandmother

My wise old grandmother was the champion of re-purposing. She regularly tell us not to throw something away before she had a chance to examine it. Her motto: “Do not throw things away! There is no away!”

Tin cans became holders for pins, needles, bobby pins, paper clips, buttons, spools of thread. Glass jars, too.

Anything that needed refrigeration came in Mason jars. Once those jars were empty, granddad would drill two holes in the lid, attach it to the underside of a shelf in the garage using two screws, and then screw the jar onto the lid. His jars contained nails, screws of every shape and size, washers and nuts to fit all those screws, bolts, wire….

Re-purposing didn’t end with the small stuff. One weekend granddad replaced the bathroom toilet and bathtub with modern ones. Both the toilet and the old claw-foot bathtub got re-purposed as outdoor container gardens.

Recently I was walking around an older San Diego neighborhood when I came across a re-purposed claw-foot bathtub, just like my wise old grandmother would have done it:

Re-purposed claw-foot bathtub

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My 62nd Fourth of July….

Out & About

The move is going well, but that means my time at WordPress and visiting blogging buddies is suffering.

Have no fear, though, because once the move is over, I will be able to do more.


This is my 62nd Fourth of July, although I do not remember the first ten. Of the past 52, this is the first one of which I am not real proud of being from the United States. President Twitler is destroying the United States from within, and most people, and most countries, realize it. So for this Fourth of July, I’ll just say “Happy Holiday” and leave it at that.

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