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Russel Ray Container Collection

I live in my own little world

It’s been so long since I logged into the back end of my many web sites that I have forgotten how to do it, at a time when I need to do it to upload a video that I don’t want to put on YouTube.

So here I am at my WordPress site which, surprisingly to me, will let me upload a video as “media.”

This is a video of the many plants that I grow in containers without drainage holes.

I am very anti-drainage-hole in plant containers where I control the watering. Once Mother & Father Nature get involved, or the neighbor’s landscape watering system sprays water over the fence onto my property, all bets are off, and I’ll happily accept drainage holes. For more on why I am anti-drainage-hole (just call me ADH Russel), see About Us on my new A+R POTTERY web site.

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