My wise old grandmother taught me to share

My wise old grandmother

I had the need to go to Urgent Care yesterday morning.

There are three within 10 miles of me, two independent and one associated with a hospital, all normally open 24/7 but with reduced hours due to COVID-19.

I went to the closest one but they didn’t have any doctors on premises; they all were at hospitals.

The second one also didn’t have any doctors because they also all were are at hospitals.

The hospital-associated Urgent Care had a long wait because all their doctors were at the hospital. Fortunately, the hospital was right next door, but it does take time to finish with a hospital patient and walk over to Urgent Care.

There was a lady sitting across the aisle from me. Although she was talking on her phone very softly, I heard every word she said since we were the only two waiting.

When she said, “Honey, I really don’t give a flying fuck,” I realized that, after 65 years, one month, and 9 days on this Earth, I never have heard someone give a flying fuck. And I know the reason!

I believe I am the only one who has a flying fuck to give.

Well, no more!

Here you go.

It’s reusable, so give a flying fuck whenever you want!

My wise old grandmother taught me to share. You’re welcome.

13 thoughts on “My wise old grandmother taught me to share

  1. TamrahJo

    Hmm… I have used that phrase on occassion, though I don’t have the cool drone version to fly around the living room/yard….. I worked with a gal, long ago, who was also my roommate for awhile and who shaved my legs for me when I got too pregnant to reach and it was too much effort to get the ‘panty hose’ onto my torso – (I needed that energy for being on my feet for 8 hours – -LOL) – She was a peach – but if she got really frustrated over something, she would exclaim, “Well Fuck me running!” in exasperation – and if a ‘person was the cause of the frustration’, she was also known, to out -loud vow, to anyone within hearing, that she was looking forward to the opportunity to ‘rip their tonsils out through their nostrils’ for them – (she thought ‘biting their tongue’ was way to meek/mild for the offense they just caused through their mouth” – so there ya go – two new ones to build robots/drones for, if you wish – and only if, they aren’t new to you – – LOL

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  2. Halim

    I love this! I have always found the expression to give or not to give a ‘flying fuck’ hilarious and the first few times I heard it, it made me laugh like crazy. It still makes me laugh and smile. It’s like when a basic ‘fuck’ is simply not enough to express the intensity of what we’re feeling, so it has to be a flying fuck. The video is so funny! Cheers.

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