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My self-isolation creative writing lesson for today.

I was watching “The End Of All Things” when suddenly my smart TV went blank, followed by a bunch of static, and then a ghostly apparition appeared:

Ghostly apparition (very slowly): Hello, Russel. This is God.

Russel: Hello, God! How’s it going, dude?

God: I am not a dude. I’m a dudette.

Russel: A-ha! (not the group). I always suspected you were ever since my term paper in junior English class in high school.

God: Yes. I read that paper. Very good thesis and very good supporting research.

Russel: So what do I owe this pleasure today, God?

God: I want you to give up margaritas.

Russel: Ha! What’s in it for me?

God: I know you care about people and you have been tracking the novel coronavirus that I lovingly sent the world, yes?

Russel: Yep. I knew it was you! So, again, why should I give up margaritas?

God: If you give up margaritas, I’ll call an end to the COVID-19 pandemic and return everything to normal.

Russel: What about the thousands of people who have died?

God: They are collateral damage. Nothing can be done about them.

Russel: But if your son, Jesus, can come back to life, why not other people?

God: Because they are not my children.

Russel: A-ha! (again, not the group). I knew it! I knew it the first time I saw children dying from cancer.

4 thoughts on “Creative writing

  1. lecox

    This is heavy, man!
    However, for many years now my reality has been stranger than this fiction.
    So I don’t call my writing “creative” any more.
    God was, however, correct about the margaritas.

    Liked by 1 person


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