On this date last year, Jim and I were catless.

Zoey the Cool Cat crossed the rainbow bridge on 6/23/19, animal shelters are closed on Mondays, and we got Little Queen Olivia on 6/25/19.

Zoey the Cool Cat
Zoey the Cool Cat

Little Queen Olivia
Little Queen Olivia

The picture of Zoey the Cool Cat was taken a few hours after she joined our household in September 2007. Her name when we adopted her was Zoey, but after taking this picture, I added “the Cool Cat” to her name.

Little Queen Olivia’s name when we adopted here was Olivia. She was born on November 21, 2017. At 18 months old, she weighed only 7.6 pounds. The vet thought she was only a couple of months old because of her size. Nope. She’s just a small cat. She eats wet food and dry food whenever she wants it and she only got up to 8.6 pounds. She has settled in at 8.3 pounds. She’s Little, and after just a few days of her playing in her new surroundings, it was obvious that she was royalty, so I added “Little Queen” to her name.

We miss Zoey the Cool Cat dearly, but we’re extraordinarily lucky to have had Little Queen Olivia in our lives for the past year.

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