In the U.S.A. of 2020

A Piece Missing

President Bill Clinton unintentionally got the nation, and perhaps the world, talking about sex, sexual relations, and marriage. I thought that was a good thing. Not necessarily good the way he did it….

Twitler, intentionally or not, has the nation, and perhaps the world, talking about racism, white supremacy, fascism, Nazi and neo-Nazi, misogyny, anti-Semitism, ignorance, stupidity, cult, Hitler, traitor, authoritarianism, dictator, bully, bigot, corruption, conspiracy, fraud, demagogue, dishonesty, lying, incompetence, narcissist, nepotism, oligarchy, sociopath, ethics, qualifications.

I think it’s good that we can talk about those things. Not necessarily good the way Twitler has done it…. I never thought I’d see them in action in the United States of America of 2020, especially all at the same time.

I have been in self-isolation since March 14 because of Covid-19, and each day gets more depressing.

4 thoughts on “In the U.S.A. of 2020

  1. SueW

    The Covid-19 virus may still be with us at the end of the year, but we can hopefully protect ourselves from that but oh, please God, let the other virus known as Trump be gone by then because no one can protect us from him. And I don’t even live in America!


  2. TamrahJo

    Our local communities were in a place of ‘wear one if you feel the need or want to – don’t if you don’t – give wide berth overall, be polite and let folks choose their path, don’t be a jerk about your choice when addressing others” – but, since last Friday, when our governor mandated masks in public venues, and with a fine attached (I haven’t read, but sounds like it’s true) there has been renewed ‘rankling’ on some fronts – for me? I don’t want to waste $ on a fine (if enforced) I have other things I’d like those $ to go for, if I could even afford the fine, which right now, seems dim possibility – and also, IF I’m going to take a stand on something, it sure as heck ain’t gonna be this politicized topic (masks) – serious times calls for serious people ” speech from the movie, The American President, has played through my mind often these past few months, years, or any time the political arenas get all ramped up and going far to one side or the other – and, for me, I think if nothing else, the past few months has really solidified for most Americans, their feelings too regarding any candidate who choose to divide, instead of unite, compromise, find a way forward for the majority of the issues faced – – and for elected officials, at ANY level, who cannot display they are doing so, in real ways? well….me thinks their “2.5 seconds’ are up – 🙂


  3. cat9984

    I truly believe that no one could have forced the discussion on race relations the way he did. On the other hand, it would have been nice if he had gotten the virus under control in March rather than waiting until July to admit it’s a serious problem (and wondering why Dr. Fauci is more popular than he is.)



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