Part two

A Piece Missing

Looks like yesterday’s post about my new Conspiracy Theorist Facebook group was not my most popular post.

You can’t believe how happy that actually makes me.

The post was a joke, which some people realized when they clicked on the link for an application to join.

It was an effective post, though, because my intent, both here and at Facebook, was to find some of those Conspiracy Theorists who were following/friending me and get rid of them.

I’m too old for that kind of crap in my life.

9 thoughts on “Part two

  1. SueW

    I am behind with my WordPress reading this week and just attempting to catch up by working backwards.

    I published a post this morning that tells about a friend’s daughter who posted some outrageous conspiracy theories on her Facebook Page. Did you know that our governments are conspiring secretly and the virus is a hoax? Yes, new one on me too!

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    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I think it’s interesting that so many people have conspired against us but not a single one of those conspirators has written a tell-all book. They could be billionaires and New York Times #1 best selling authors. From the Holocaust (maybe even earlier) to the present.

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