When I was about ten, I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, only because it was the longest word I could spell. Eventually, of course, I learned to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but that wasn’t a profession. I also learned that to be an anesthesiologist, I would have to go to college, and then medical school, and then an internship. I’d be 30 before I started making money!

Since I loved history, I thought I would be a history teacher. Then I found out how much money teachers make in my home state of Texas. I wanted something that paid a wee bit more.

All these years later, I still love history. My wise old grandmother who raised me always told me that if I studied history I could learn from it. She said that I wouldn’t be prone to repeat its mistakes since history repeats itself.

Here at Russel Ray Photos I’ll be exploring history with two series:

  • History on postage stamps — Philately, or collecting and studying postage stamps, is a great way to bring the family together and learn about history. Here at Russel Ray Photos you’ll be able to do that. I’ll use mainly United States postage stamps because I know them and the history of the United States.
  • San Diego historical landmarks — I recently found a list of the historical landmarks for the city of San Diego and I’ll be exploring each of those landmarks, beginning with #1.

I think you’ll enjoy both of these series since I haven’t found anything similar on the Internet…. yet.

Russel Ray

2 thoughts on “History

  1. awax1217

    I was a history teacher and the salary sucked. But I did some creative stuff. I always thought of a poster concept. Take a white person and a black person and an asian and an indian and post their arms only. One next to the other for a shot of color. I think this would be an interesting photo. Kind of reminds me of Leibowitz and whoopi in a bathtub of milk. What do you think of that idea?

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