Even with experience, it pays to explore new things

Picture of the Moment

I got started in photography in sixth grade (1966) when the principal went around to all the home rooms asking for volunteers. When she said that volunteers got free access to all school events, including football, basketball, baseball, and tennis, well, I was an easy sell.

The school had Nikon equipment. By the time I got ready to buy my own equipment, Paul Simon had ruined Nikon with his top hit “Kodachrome.” Ever since then, all other things being equal, Nikon always has been more expensive than Canon. Thusly, I have been using Canon equipment since then, with my first being the incomparable Canon A1.

My current crop of cameras comprise three Canon Rebel EOS cameras:
XSi, T2i, and 760D (T6s in the U.S.). However, with my 54 years of photography experience, I rarely explore all the new stuff being included in cameras, specialty modes like Portrait, Close-up/Flowers, Landscape. Courtesy of a Facebook friend and her new Canon T6i camera, today I explored the Close-up/Flowers mode. Wow. Saved a lot of time.

Here’s one of my favorites today since today is its first day in bloom. It was labeled “Aloe ‘Grassy Lassie’ ” but I’m fairly certain it’s not an aloe. Nonetheless, the flowers are tiny but beautiful.

Unknown plant

16 thoughts on “Even with experience, it pays to explore new things

  1. Pit

    I’m still learning about all those features in my cameras, too, Russel. I must admit, though, that only recently I have started to use them as before I considered them just “new-fangled stuff”. 😉
    Take care, my friend, in these difficult times, and stay healthy,

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  2. philipfontana

    Russel Ray! I came right to your website after your comment on my website. Great to read how you got into photography in 6th grade, 1966!!! By 1966 I was a junior at Rutgers! Interested in that you use three Canon!!! Those closeups are a challenge alright from my experience with an old Canon AE-1 & now a digital. As always you did so well here with this Aloe ‘Grassy Lassie’ !!!
    –Be safe. Be healthy! Thanks for visiting my website! Phil

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  3. Rowena

    Great photo, Russell. Those yellow flowers really pop.
    I’ve never used the flower feature for photographing flowers and will give it a whirl and try out some test shots. Now, I just need to find some flowers. There’s a frangipanni across the road so I’ll try that.I live near the beach on sandy soil and there aren’t many great gardens around here.
    Best wishes,

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